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Digital Technologies Drive Innovation In Retail, Payments

Digital Technologies Drive Innovation In Retail, Payments

Target crushed online commerce and reported decent in-store sales volume for the holidays, while Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom had weak in-store traffic that even fairly positive online volume couldn’t surmount. In retail technology, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions new Elera system aims to supplant in-store IT systems with a new cloud-enabled technology. And in digital innovation, mobile payments are bridging the cash and digital divide in Pakistan. All this, Today in Data.

Digital Technologies Drive Innovation In Retail, Payments


95%: Approximate share of November/December orders that Target fulfilled via its brick-and-mortar shops.

80%: Share of Pakistan’s adult population that is unbanked.

30: Minimum number of “microservices” on Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions’ Elera system.

22%: Nordstrom’s YOY net sales decline for the nine-week holiday period ending Jan. 2, 2021.

12M: Number of JazzCash’s active users in Pakistan.

Source: PYMNTS

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