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Burger King To Give Some Venmo Users $1 To Promote New Dollar Menu

Burger King To Give Some Venmo Users $1 To Promote New Dollar Menu

Burger King has launched a new promotion called the “$1 Your Way Menu” and in conjunction will put $1 in some Venmousers’ accounts through Dec. 28, the day the new menu takes effect, the company announced in a press release.

“Unlike other value menus, all items on Burger King’s newly unveiled menu are $1 a piece — that’s it,” the release stated. “The big question now becomes, what to get?”

Burger King’s $1 Your Way Menu includes the Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Jr. sandwich, Value Fries and a Value Soft Drink, the release stated. Diners can buy individual items or create meals with the components.

“We know that value is extremely important to our guests, especially now,” Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer at Burger King North America, said in the release. “That’s why we set out to create a menu that offers craveable products, like our Bacon Cheeseburger, that can’t be found at the same price anywhere else.”

Business Insider reported that fast food purveyors sometimes offer discounts in January because it’s a time when some potential customers are minding their budgets.

Burger King’s use of marketing efforts that capitalize on a keen sense of social media has won the Miami-based company kudos. One campaign that drew praise from within the advertising industry involved Burger King sending free Whopper sandwich coupons to Facebook users who had complained about an experience at a McDonald’s restaurant.

In the burger battles, a lot’s at stake, or at steak. The U.S. government estimates the average American eats the equivalent of 800 hamburgers — some 200 pounds of ground beef — annually.

Source: PYMNTS

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