Stepan Kosatyi

Short Profile

Resourceful and competent JavaScript/PHP developer with great experience in the design and coding of websites and web applications using latest innovation and standarts in HTML5 & JavaScript technology.

Able to play a key role in a web sites development to ensure maximum perfomance, usability and accessibility for customers.

A good team player, interested in creating high-quality business solutions.

Career History

March 2014 - now


Senior JavaScript Developer

November 2007 - February 2014


Senior Web Developer

Developing websites and application for customers of system LIGA:ZAKON.


  • Building websites and application using Velocity template engine with Spring MVC as backend.
  • Developing compatible UI functionality using native javascript & jQuery framework
  • Successful work with analysts and managers to provide an excellent requirement for further development process.
  • Optimizing web assets for optimal speed and performance.
  • Working with a disciplinary developers team to convert business needs into technical specifications.

December 2005 - November 2007

Web Developer

Participated in the the development of sites for non-profit organizations. Building websites using PHP based CMS: Wordpress, Joomla etc.


  • Designing and deciding on the visual layout of a website.
  • Acting as a channel between the business, customers and developers.
  • Back end development and maintenance of websites.
  • Performance testing the application as part of the development process.

Experience Summary

Frontend programming

  • SEO/SEM;
  • CSS
    • Transitions / Transforms / Animations;
    • LESS / Sass CSS Preprocessors;
  • JavaScript
    • Prototyping / DOM / Events / Ajax / JSON;
    • Web Workers / WebSql / Storage / AppCache / WebSocket;
    • jQuery / MooTools / Underscore.js;
    • jQuery.Control / Backbone.js / CanJS / AngularJS;

Photoshop Design Mocking;

Twitter / Semantic UI Bootstrap;

Agile / Scrum / ATDD Development;

Backend programming

  • PHP Object-Oriented Programming;
  • MVC implementation (CodeIgniter);
  • CMS implementation (WordPress, Joomla, etc);
  • Using Node.js for REST Web Services;
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL and MongoDB database;

Version Control systems

  • CVS, SVN;
  • GIT, Mercurial;

Operating systems

  • Windows (user experience);
  • Ubuntu / Debian (support & administration);

JIRA Project Tracking

Confluence Team Collaboration

Key skills and competencies

  • Ability to multi-task, react quickly to shifting priorities and meet deadlines
  • Able to clearly communicate technical data to non technical colleagues and clients
  • Continuously monitoring industry trends, technologies and standards.
  • Possessing all-round analysis and programming skills
  • Methodical yet creative & having a proven ability for efficient problem solving.
  • Excellent attention to detail both front and back end.