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Foxtrot, Microsoft Ukraine to consider potential cooperation in digital transformation of retail.

Foxtrot, Microsoft Ukraine to consider potential cooperation in digital transformation of retail.

The Foxtrot group of companies together with Microsoft Ukraine have begun negotiations on potential cooperation in the field of information systems modernization.

According to the press service of Microsoft Ukraine, the main areas of potential partnership will be assistance in digital transformation, implementation of retail innovations and modern technologies based on Microsoft platforms. To this end, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding.

“Retail success depends on how companies use technology and data in their businesses to not only better know their customers, but also better serve them by empowering their staff, creating an intelligent supply chain and reimagining retail experience,” the press service said citing Director of Microsoft Ukraine Jan Peter De Jong.

Co-founders of Foxtrot Group Valeriy Makovetsky and Hennadiy Vykhodtsev consider the digitalization of retail trade important, since the success of retailers depends on the use of innovative technologies: digital solutions provide understanding of customer interests and create an intelligent supply chain.

Earlier, Foxtrot began cooperation with an accelerator in the field of logistics, which significantly helped improve warehouse processes and launch a project on innovative ways of delivering goods to customers.

“In addition, Microsoft helped Foxtrot pass the lockdown effectively by providing 6,000 Microsoft Office 365 licenses for free use. This made it possible to effectively organize remote work and use modern means of communication and office work,” the chairman of the board of founders of Foxtrot, Hennadiy Vykhodtsev, said.

In his opinion, further cooperation with Microsoft will bring new experience to the retail market of electronics and household appliances in Ukraine as a whole and will help bring the experience of interaction with customers and the quality of their service to a new level.

Source: UAZMI

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