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Ukraine to use Turkish technology to build navy corvettes.

Ukraine to use Turkish technology to build navy corvettes.

Ukraine will build corvettes for its Navy using Turkish technology, Turkish media report.

Okean shipyard in Mykolaiv has been tasked to produce new warships, Daily Sabah wrote, referring to the company press service.

In the framework of defense cooperation agreements signed between the two countries in October and on December, a memorandum was signed with Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) to produce corvettes for the Ukrainian Navy.

Along with procuring a number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Turkey, Ukraine decided to strengthen its Navy capabilities with Turkey’s MILGEM (National Ship) Ada-class corvettes.

The Ada-class corvette is capable of determination, location, classification, identification, and destruction of air, surface and underwater targets as well as naval gunfire support.

In addition to avoiding any potential threats, MILGEM anti-submarine combat frigates, which boast advance radar-evading technologies, can perform maritime operations such as surveillance and patrol, coastal and infrastructure protection, and security missions in the exclusive economic zones (EEZs).

Ukraine’s Okean (Ocean) Shipyard which is located in Mykolaiv province is the third major ship construction yard in the area.

It operates modern production facilities (medium and heavy tonnage lines) supplied by world-acclaimed companies.

Source: UAZMI

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