Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
order_id string(1024) Order ID which is generated by merchant.
merchant_id integer(12) Merchant unique ID. Generated by FONDY during merchant registration.
amount integer(12) Order amount in cents without separator
currency string(3) Order currency. Supported values ( UAH, RUB, USD, EUR, GBP)
order_status string(50) Order processing status. Can contain next values > created — order has been created, but the customer has not entered payment details yet; merchant must continue to request the status of the order processing — order is still in processing by payment gateway; merchant must continue to request the status of the order declined — order is declined by FONDY payment gateway or by bank or by external payment system approved — order completed successfully, funds are hold on the payer's account and soon will be credited of the merchant; merchant can provide the service or ship goods expired — order lifetime expired. reversed — previously approved transaction was fully or partially reversed. In this case parameter reversal_amount will be > 0
response_status string(50) Request processing status. If parameters sent by merchant did not pass validation then failure, else success
signature string(40) Order signature. Required to verify merchant request consistency and authenticity. Signature generation algorithm please see at Signature generation for request and response
tran_type string(50) Supported values > (purchase, reverse)
sender_cell_phone string(16) Customer mobile phone number
sender_account string(50) Customer payment account
masked_card string(19) Masked card number
card_bin integer(6) Card bin — usually first 6 digits
card_type string(50) Supported values > (VISA, MasterCard)
rrn string(50) Commonly not unique transaction ID returned by bank.
approval_code string(6) Commonly not unique authorization code returned by bank.
response_code integer(4) Order decline response code. Possible codes see in Response codes
response_description string(1024) Order response code description, see Response codes
reversal_amount integer(12) Total amount of all reversals for current order
settlement_amount integer(12) Settlement amount for current order
settlement_currency string(3) Currency of order settlement
order_time string(19) Order creation date DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss
settlement_date string(10) Settlement date in format DD.MM.YYYY
eci integer(2) Ecommerce Indicator - parameter specifies whether 3DSecure authentication was performed or not. Supported values > 5 — full 3DSecure authentication performed 6 — merchant supports 3DSecure, but issuing bunk does not 7 — neither merchant nor issuing bank supports 3DSecure
fee integer(12) Fee charged by FONDY
payment_system string(50) Payment system which was used for payment. Supported payment systems list see Supported payment systems
sender_email string(254) Customer email
payment_id integer(19) Unique payment ID generated by FONDY payment gateway
actual_amount integer(12) Actual amount after all reversals.
actual_currency string(3) Actual currency
product_id string(1024) Merchant product or service ID
merchant_data string(2048) Any arbitrary set of data that a merchant sends in request
verification_status string(50) Code verification result Supported values verified — card successfully verified with code incorrect — incorrect code entered but limit not exceeded yet failed — allowed number of invalid attempts to enter code exceeded created — verification code created but not entered yet
rectoken string(40) Flag which indicates whether FONDY must return card token — token to access card funds without cardholder interaction
rectoken_lifetime string(19) Token lifetime in format DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss
checkout_url string(2048) FONDY payment page URL where merchant site must redirect customer to enter payment details
error_code integer(4) Response decline code. Supported values see Response codes
error_message string(1024) Response code description. See Response codes